Thursday, December 27, 2007

Great Ideas for 2008

Howdy folks! Sorry it has been so long since we posted last. Our New Year’s resolution is do post more. We hope this blog can be a valuable resource to you. What follows in the next few weeks will be some new and hot ideas for 2008. We have previously posted about some neat gummy and mallow items. We just got some additional items in recently that were too fun to miss out on for the blog. They are bulk items. Details are below. If you want to see a picture, click on the item number.

1013487 Gummi Chickenfeet / 5lb.
1015494 Gummi Filled Strawberries /2.2lb.
1019045 Gummi Filled Turtles /2.2lb.
1006608 Gummi Watermelon Slices /5lb.

Of coruse, we cannot forget to mention the chocolate covered gummi bears, always a best seller.

K164 Kopper’s Choc Covered Gummi Bears /8lb.
K457 Kopper’s Choc Covered Gummi Polar Bears White /8lbs.