Monday, March 17, 2008

Bali's Best

We just got a new line in - called Bali's best. It is hanging bags of Coffee and Tea flavored items. It comes from Indonesia where Coffee and Tea are grown. The hard candies are all individually wrapped, 42 pieces inside of a bag. The coffee flavors are in a shiny bag and the teas in a matte finish bag. The price is very attractive and we have racks to display the product, if you like. This product is perfect for summer and right in-line with the trend of American interest in higher end Coffees and Teas. The flavors are strong and true - give them a try today.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Great Publicity for New Tree - Oprah!

I think we can all agree that when Oprah talks, people listen. When a book goes on her bookclub, its an instant success. When she recommends a product, service, or even a person, she can move mountains. Dr. Phil got his start on her show and he has been on air for 10 years (our favorite quote, "Hows that workin' out for 'ya?" Her magazine is incredible and next year she is launching her own network.

Her magazine just put New Tree Chocolates on "THE 'O' LIST". Folks, it doesn't get better than that. In all seriousness, we expect to see a spike in sales and an increase in name recognition. This is really going to help the brand long term as well.

We should also remember to thank New Tree. We did a blog on "How to Taste Chocolate" and we stole most of the content from Oprah.

Please let us know what reaction, if any, you see to the increased publicity in the next month or two.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Redstone Chocolate Bars

Lately we have gotten a ton of emails - that can only be described as fan mail. They all concern our Redstone Chocolate Bars. I won't go into too much detail about the chocolate bars except to say that they rock, we are adding more every few months, and you can see more information here: We recently added a Cranberry bar as well, also in 72% fantastic Belgian chocolate.

Below are the raves (just for this week):

Email 1:

Your Chipotle dark chocolate bar is one of the best chocolates I’ve ever had! What a delicious combination.

My problem is that I’m running out of the bar my friend bought for me when she visited XXXX and I have no clue where to find some locally up here in the XXXX area.

Can you help me find it? Otherwise I will want to order some directly from you. [Ed – we do not sell direct to the public.]

Help! I’m addicted.

Email 2:

I'm just writing to let you know how much I enjoy your spicy chocolate bars. I recently purchased two different varieties of Redstone chocolate bars: the jalepeno and salted peanut bar, and the chipotle pepper bar, at Central Market in Dallas TX. I enjoyed the mix of flavors and textures in the jalepeno bar, and the chipotle bar was a perfect balance of spicy and sweet. As someone who enjoys both spicy food and dark chocolate, it was perfect. I've tried several different kinds of peppery chocolates and truffles, and your brand was the best. My only complaint is that I actually live in XXXX, and haven't seen your brand for sale in my area, so I will have to wait until my next trip to enjoy it again.

Thanks so much for your work, and I look forward to you expanding all across the country!

Email 3:

My wife and I just experienced the wonderful sensation of your red chili chipotle dark chocolate bar. I purchased one at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport yesterday and we both fell in love with the decadent and exotic taste of your product. We would very much like to purchase a box of them. Please let us know how we can do so and how much they would be.

We look forward to your reply. Our sincere congratulations on your delightful product!